Welcome to episode 6 of our African Photography Safaris podcast!

You can listen to the podcast right here from our website using the player (below) or via any of the providers also listed. What’s in episode 6?

  • Zoom and prime lenses on safari
  • What has been our favourite photography moment?
  • Safari beers
  • Naming animals, is it anthropomorphic?
  • Alan’s amazing wildlife wonder
  • The Merlin Bird ID App
  • Our podcast soundtrack

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Episode 6 - Zoom & Prime Lenses, Favourite Photography Moment and Safari Beers. Naming Animals- is it Anthropomorphic? Alan's Amazing Wildlife Wonder and the Merlin Bird ID App. Plus... Our Podcast Soundtrack!

Favourite Photography Safari Moments

Podcast listener Vince asked us a very difficult question, to narrow down our experiences and describe our favourite photography moment. We talked about photographing Kisaru the cheetah with her six cubs on the termite mound, inclusing one of our guests social media posts for International Cheetah Day.

Kaleel recalled photographing a back lit lioness on the banks of a watering hole / dam and Alan thought about the time a Lemek Lioness revealed her tiny new born cubs as she returned to the pride. Beers on the savannah while photographing silhouettes of elephants against the setting also featured. But which one was our favourite?

Cheetah Maasai Mara African Wildlife Photography Safaris © Kaleel Zibe
Lioness & Cubs African Photography Safaris © Alan Hewitt
Lioness & Cubs African Photography Safaris © Alan Hewitt
Elephant Sunset Maasai Mara African Photography Safaris © Kaleel Zibe

This is the video with the Maasai village singers, mentioned in episode 6. The music is called “Lemek Plains” by Kaleel and we use this throughout the podcast.

Merlin Bird ID App

Merlin Bird ID App

Kaleel reviewed the Merlin Bird ID App from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The app is available for iOS and Android together with regional packs.