“We work with experienced and qualified local guides in private conservancies and reserves, away from high tourist numbers where we can responsibly off-road to get our guests close to the action…”

Join us in africa for your next wildlife photography adventure…

Episode 7 – Kisaru, Choosing a Photography Safari Part 1, Beers Around the Fire, Back-Ups, Sneezing Wild Dog Democracy, Photographing Gore & More

In episode 7 we chat about the important things to consider when choosing a photography safari. Alan enthuses about beers around the fire and talks about sneezing wild dog democracy. Kaleel talks about the super important subject of back-ups and an alarming crash in raptor populations. Also, sad news on Kisaru, some honey badger impersonators and photographing gore.

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Episode 6 – Zoom & Prime Lenses, Favourite Photography Moment and Safari Beers. Naming Animals- is it Anthropomorphic? Alan’s Amazing Wildlife Wonder and the Merlin Bird ID App. Plus… Our Podcast Soundtrack!

In episode 6 we look at the pros and cons of zoom and prime lenses on safari and we try to establish our favourite safari moment (so far!) which of course, involves beers! Questions to the podcast include naming animals - is it anthropomorphic? Alan introduces a new series of wildlife wonders, Kaleel does a very in depth review of the Merlin Bird ID App and reveals the background to our podcast soundtrack.

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Episode 5 – A Look Back at Timbavati & Tuli, Two Elusive Species, Macro Photography, 3LT Alana Monopod & AI in Wildlife Photography

In episode 5, Alan looks back at his recent photography safaris in South Africa's Timbavati and Botswana's Tuli Block, we asked about two elusive species to photograph in sub-Saharan Africa and discuss Macro photography. Alan talks about Alana, the new monopod from 3 Legged Thing and Kaleel confuses Alan about Artificial intelligence.

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Episode 4 – Mirrorless Cameras, Birds of East Africa Field Guide, Monopod or Tripod and Vultures in the Mara Triangle.

In episode 4, Alan and Kaleel talk about the advantages and disadvantages of mirrorless cameras and DSLRs, Smallrig rechargeable batteries and Vultures in the Mara Triangle is our memorable photography moment. Kaleel reviews Birds of East Africa by Terry Stevenson & John Fanshawe, John Gale & Brian Small (Illustrators). Alan discussed the benefits of packing a monopod for a photography safari rather than a tripod and questions from listeners about where and when to photograph specific animals.

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Episode 3 – Equipment & Packing for a Photography Safari, Lazy Journalism, Kisaru the Cheetah, plus… Alan & Kaleel Argue About Pronouncing ‘Shemagh’!

Alan & Kaleel talk about equipment and packing for a photography safari, Alan gets annoyed at lazy UK journalism on the subject of "Ferrari Safaris" and the memorable photo moment is a wonderful cheetah called Kisaru. Kaleel answers some questions to the podcast, Alan reviews Janesta Pulella's Pathinder book and argues with Kaleel about how to pronounce 'Shemagh'!

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